Signature Detail


"The Detailer" is the prime automotive care provider of Northern Virginia, offering exceptional service through the use of cutting edge products. As such, we only thought it fitting to call our introductory service our signature detail. This service was designed to maximize our client's value while providing outstanding quality.

The Signature Detail is also the foundation for all additional services, which we recommend individually to clients on a case by case basis with the client's desires and the vehicle's needs in mind. 

What does the Singnature Detail include?

The different aspects of our Signature Detail service are as follows: (steps are listed in the order performed)

  • Comprehensive exterior wash exploiting the safest techniques breaking the bond between the dirt film and your vehicle’s paintwork and lubricates dirt particles minimizing surface abrasion. 
  • Clay barring stage - removing embedded contaminant particles in the paintwork filling the micro-voids in the paint with a root system (these micro-voids are deeper than the cut of the compound
  • Testing and electing the least aggressive approach to the vehicle specific paint correction.
  • Sterilizing the paintwork surface and elimination of any oily residues. (This is the last step which prepares the surface for the application of a nano-coating if requested.)

What about the interior?

Our interior detailing services are an add-on to the Signature Detail and offer our clients the ability to choose exactly what needs to be addressed. (Prices are determined based on customer's needs.)

  • Vacuum
  • Leather, plastic, and vinyl cleaning and protection (nano-coatings available)
  • Steam cleaning
  • Full sanitization