What is nano-coating?

Nano-coatings are everything but 'nano' in modern car detailing. These are highly hydrophobic, super glossy coatings created to address the growing surface protection needs of the automotive, marine, aerospace, and home markets. High quality coatings are extremely resistant to various types of corrosion, abrasion, and temperature while providing unmatched level of surface smoothness and gloss.

Auto body and marine coatings can be applied to various types of surfaces like metal, plastic, powder coat, paint, and virtually any hard substrate, forming a permanent protective barrier.  Nano coatings react with the substrate surfaces and form an “abrasion resistant” coating with extremely high bonding properties. It also generates a thin, optically transparent coating, with high impact strength. This very durable and “hard” coating is also necessary flexible to account for the constant micro deformations of materials when under pressure of the elements.

How does it work?

Nano-coating formulas contain both hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties. It’s application to vehicle paintwork will give you that “super hydrophobic” visual effect, along with superior scratch & abrasion resistance. Nano-coatings are both designed to provide protection and gloss that will surpass even the most effective wax-based products. Nano-coating formulation will attract water (hydrophilic) and encapsulate dust or other debris and then the hydrophobic portion will repel the combined dirt and water from the surface thereby making it self-cleaning. This dual layering is all that is needed to create a stunning 3D effect on the paintwork. 

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